About Us

Valiant Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, is a venture formed by highly skilled and experienced industrial experts.
Bringing together the best of knowledge from the fields of essential oil and extracts, personal care,
natural cosmetics, skinceuticals, contemporary research, and development, we aim to be the leader
in Natural Personal Care and Essential Oils related businesses.

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At Valiant, we use Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Technology – known as CO2 method, as our
main mode of operation to extract essential oils/
extracts from plant products, which ensures the
active compounds and quality of the product
remain intact.

The product range we manufacture incorporating NATURAL and AUTHENTIC oils are one of a kind.

If natural products inspire you, we invite you to be a part of our journey as valuable consumers, partners, and agents.

We are young! We are energetic!
We are a force willing to walk that extra mile to
satisfy our customers with excellent service
and product quality.



To be the leading provider of inspired essences
in each industry we operate.

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Valiant – we remain resolutely committed to
achieving the impossible, by giving new life to the
purest of essences through our passion for
innovation, our unparalleled R&D capabilities, and
our dedication to superior quality.