Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) Technology

Supercritical Fluid Extraction ensures the product extracted retains its intrinsic characteristics and is untouched by additives.
This ensures the essence is of high quality enabling excess residue to be used for other manufacturing processes.

Supply of
Essential Oils & Extracts

Supply of extracted essential oils as raw material for use in
distilleries, food & beverage, spa & aromatherapy, pharmaceutical,
perfume, dietary & nutraceutical supplements, and spice manufacturers for local and international buyers.


Serving the Industry

This technology will be made available for use by other local vendors/ manufacturers to maximize the extraction of raw materials utilized in their businesses, such as spice extracts, herbal extracts, pharmaceutical extracts, carrier oils, and extracts for beverages, bakery, condiments, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and ayurvedha.

This allows them to extract the most concentrated form of the product providing greater output in manufacture and reduction in wastage.


We use our extraction process to decaffeinate tea and coffee as a value added service. This process is the most effective and robust method to decaffeinate tea and coffee whilst preserving the organic nature and the quality of products. We are poised to process any type of tea grade or coffee grade
without altering its original size or form. Most importantly, the process will not alter the organic nature of the tea/coffee. SFE process is the
only process that is suitable to generate organic decaffeinated tea/coffee.